Handeling Offline status and failure to create PIN Code - Smoobu example


I would really like to see a feature which handles the situation when Nuki goes offline during the scheduled time for assigning guest permission. In that case I have to manually create an entry code, and paste it into the smoobu auto message as hard coded - only this way the guest gets the keypad code. Or is this feature already implemented? The feature would simply be that admin tries again after few hours and then again and again. Until the check-in acutally arrives. Sometime during that time Nuki would surely be back online.

Also, there are situations when Smoobu creates a User, but NUKI fails to create PIN code for that user. This is highly inconvenient - one of these days a guest will stay stranded in front of the accomodation door. I am trying to write my own script which would do this, but now suddenly I started to get Creating authorization failed messages in the WEB app, when doing the PUT method for the PIN code through the API.

Deleting old users and PIN codes also seems to not work occasionally.

I´m supporting this. There are a lot of issues currently with the API. The support seems not have any interest to solve it for paying customers. Since 3 days, the Nuki Web its showing “activating…” for one of my bookings. If you check Smoobu, no PIN Code was generated. The support is not coming back. Also I´m really annoying that there is no retry. I contacted already smoobu for this and they are pointing to Nuki and Nuki is pointing to smoobu to implement such retry…totally senseless. I´m thinking to cancel this subscription with Nuki and instead trying to discuss with the bad Nuki support, I can also waste my time to create the Pins manually and I will save money

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Same here. Smoobu tells me PIN generation is on NUKI end. For this reason I started developing a python script where I would like to create the PIN myself in case NUKI fails. But now I cant even do this, because API doesnt work properly. Seems like. @support will you be able to fix this? Now I only send myself an email in case there will be check in but PIN was not generated.