Half calibration after manual lock/unlock

Product name

SmartLock 2


After locking or unlocking manually, calibration is lost. Half calibration could be automatically, manually or via API started.


  1. half lock calibration. Ask the Nuki to lock as far as possible and save it as max lock position. And leave it locked.
  2. half unlock calibration. Ask the Nuki to unlock as far as possible and save it as max unlock position.


In mixed usage household, locking with manual key and smart, it happens all the time that calibration is lost. We loses all advantages of Nuki as soon as it happens.

In many discussions security and complexity issues were invoked.
Half lock calibration would for example never leave the door unlocked, at least not if it was already locked. So no security issues there.
If you don’t make it automatic, and don’t have a button in the app itself (or hidden in an expert version of the configuration settings), and leave it for developers to call explicitly via URL API you have both simplicity for average users and advanced troubleshooting possibilities for mixed household usages. It also won’t start unexpectedly

For brainstorming, tests and more, I would gladly help.

This happens only if a not fully compatible cylinder is used. If the inner key rotates together with the outer one this does not happen. Is my door lock compatible with the Nuki Smart Lock?

Hello. According to the compatibility check my setup is all green…
Nevertheless I think this advanced functionality should not be too hard to implement and cover many uses cases discussed here and there in the dev forum, inclusive remote half calibration. I even read somewhere you already developed most of it.
I do think you have amazing hardware and a talented dev team. Personally I wouldn’t mind pay extra for this premium functionality and development.