Grant limited access in time

When I submit the following request, the user is created but when I look in the Nuki app, the slider indicating that access is limited in time is not set.

Am I doing something wrong?

curl -X PUT --header Content-Type: application/json --header Accept: application/json --header Authorization: Bearer <bearer_code> -d { 'accountUserId': <account_user_id>, 'name': "tmp_John_Doe", 'remoteAllowed': false, 'smartActionsEnabled': false, 'allowedFromDate':"2018-12-22T15:00Z", 'allowedUntilDate':"2018-12-28T10:00Z"}<smart_lock_id>/auth

EDIT: You have to set all weekdays to allowed to make this work:

So add

"allowedWeekDays": 127

parameter to achieve what you want. (i.e. allow all weekdays)

It looks counterintuitive to have to do it that way and the documentation may need some clarification here.
But the main thing is that allowedWeekDays triggers the restriction, so we can’t set a default value for it if the parameter is not sent.