Google Nest Hub or Lenovo Smart Display - Open the door button missing

When my Nuki Smart Lock 3.0Pro was added to my Google Home all works fine but on the Display of a Google Assistant enabled Smart Display Device, like the Nest Hub, I can only click on a “Sperren” (German) Button which would close the door and not on a “öffnen” Button to open the front door for someone else!?
After closing the door the “open” button is available on the Display but I want to have this button available by default!?

That’s a problem of Googles UI. Nuki has no influence on it.
Instead of a switch between lock & unlock, they should always show both buttons.

It’s a feature request you should send to the Google Nest Hub team.

Hello Juergen,
Why don’t you do that for us customers? You or NUKI should care on the best possible support for NUKI to other infrastructure. That would be the best for NUKI in the future.

We’re doing that anyways, but it helps if it comes from more people.