Google Home app lock/unlock touch controls

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Smart Lock and Opener


Possibility to lock/unlock with touch controls in the Google Home app


The Google Home app recently introduced the possibility to lock/unlock with touch controls. This is already possible for Nest x Yale and August locks:

It should also be possible to long-press on the control button to unlock without needing to enter a PIN (without 2FA).


The Google Home app should allow controlling all smart home devices from a central place, including smart locks. When available from the Google Home app, lock controls will also be available in the new Android 11 smart home controls from the power menu (for quick access):


  • Use the Google Home app or the Android 11 smart home controls to quickly unlock the doors (by long-pressing) when coming home (or for letting somebody in)
  • Similarly, use them for locking when the status indicator in the Google Home app or the Android 11 smart home controls show unlocked doors

As pictured, it is already possible to access touch control, but only by first making a request by voice.

I would also like to see this implemented within the Google Home app.

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Having the touch controls come up only after a voice command defeats the purpose a little bit, but it’s promising that the controls are theoretically available.

What command have you used to get this screen? I just tried with “lock front door” and only got a text verification.

I also wonder if there is a prerequisite for vendors for enabling touch control from the home screen, e.g., using the Local Home SDK (

@MatthiasK: Are you using the Local Home SDK already? This would also reduce the reliance on the Nuki cloud services and possibly increase reliability.

Oh I completely agree, I would like very much for it to be available in app.

The command I used was “unlock the front door” however, bizarrely, I have noticed that you must activate the assistant from within the Google Home app AND type the command to get to this screen. Asking by voice or even typing the command outside of the Google Home app just generates a voice / text response.

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It’s possible to lock via the touch control from Google Home App, and unlock by providing a PIN. Hence, moving this to Done.