Google Assistant Local Home SDK for Nuki

,### Product name
Bridge and smart lock 3.0 pro if applicable


Use Google Assistant local fulfillment with Nuki Google Assistant Integration


Google Assistant provides Local Action SDK which allows Google Assistant to talk directly to compatible devices on local network.
Two factor functions are not compatible but all others are, which would allow better performances as Speakers and hubs would directly dialog with the bridge and, if possible, with Smartlock 3.0 pro.


For connections with a lot of issues, it would allow very better performance. And less information are sent to the cloud.


With local actions, locking the smart lock will be directly handled localy.

As you wrote yourself, Two factor functions are not usable with the Local Action SDK, but Google at the same time requires does for security related Smart Home devices (Smart Locks, Alarm systems, Window openers etc.). So there is currently no easy way to implement this for us, as we can not implement a Standard Smart Home Skill without unlocking features.

OK, so it is not possible to only have a part which would be usable locally and the other which requires 2FA only in the cloud?
In fact locking locally but unlocking not locally.