Google assistant commands

Google assistant commands like :
Talk to nuki
Ask nuki for the state
Ask nuki for the activity log
Ask nuki who locked the door
No longer work, instead I get general results from the web.
Only two commands work:
Lock the door
Unlock the door(pin)

Any ideas, how to fix it?

Nuki service was added using Google home app on an android phone.
In the past I was able to add/control nuki using just Google assistant.
IFTTT commands also work fine.

Hi Georgios,

instead of a Custom Google Action we now support a Native Google Action.

Please find more information on the topic in the Nuki Blog:

Best regards,

So, which are the commands to query for the lock status or the activity log. ?

With a native Google Smart Home Action you can only secure/unsecure door locks.

Here you can read the support entry on our Nuki Website:

Here are some of the supported voice commands:

  • “Ok Google, lock the front door.”
  • “Ok Google, unlock the front door.” (PIN required)

In the commands you have to use the name of the device (e.g. front door).

You can also ask if the door is locked (“Ok Google, is the door locked?”), but that does not natively work well in all languages yet (depending on how well the Google Assistant speech recognition is developed in the respective language).

More commands will be possible when Google enhances the features of their native Smart Home Actions for door locks. For now we have built in all commands supported by Google.

If you come up with any problems using the Nuki Smart Home Action for Google Assistant, please contact our Nuki support team at For general feature requests regarding Google Assistant Smart Home Skill features for door locks, please contact Google!

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