Golmar Tekna-S GTWIN support


So I just got my new apartment key where I’m going to install Nuki Smart Lock (finally!). The Golmar Tekna-S GTWIN with color video is hanging in my living room and I want to check if Nuki Opener can be installed. I’ve attached a picture with the wiring, only 4 wires (technically, I guess 2 because they’re + and -) are connected to the Golmar.

The manual (Golmar) says the following:
LINE IN = Communication bus input to monitor (non-polarised).
CP = Input for calls from the apartment front door.

I’ve read the manual (Nuki) for non-supported intercoms, is this just a matter of trying it or can’t it be done? Because 4 (2) cables shouldn’t be an issue right?

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I am also interested in getting this intercom to work! Did you have any luck finding information?

I am also interested in the solution. do we have more info?

Bump, any updates ? Im also interested! I have a Tekna-HF GTWIN in my appartment.

Any updates, i’m also interested

Any updates on this one? Also just figured out I have the Golmar Tekna-S GTWIN. Not sure if I should just buy the Nuki Opener to try it out, hope others have done that already.

Any updates relating this topic?

I bought the opener and can confirm that it does not work.