Golmar RF-0010 compatibility

Hi all,

Did anyone make the opener work with the Golmar RF-0010 system? I couldn’t even determine whether it was a bus or analogue system, as described in the ‘unknown systems manual’.

Really hope that someone has tried this already :slight_smile:


Did you get any luck so far?! :slight_smile:

I’m afraid not :frowning:

Thanks for the reply. I suppose you also live in the Netherlands? Buying another device (maybe a newer one) and using the existing wires would be a solution you think?

@bazaglia @unequalsine

same problem here, did you solve you find a solution yet?

I recently bought the Nuki Opener and just got it connected with the Golmar RF-0010. This is clearly an analog system as it is old and has a lot of wires.

I set up the Golmar RF-0010 like this:

The Golmar has on the board the following numbers:
0, 10, 5, 3, P1, 7

Purple is connected to 3
Blue is connected to P1
Green is connected with 7
The cable that was in 7 is connected with the yellow cable.

With this setup everything is working fine for me.

I did not use the cables in 10 and 5 and 0 is empty. 10, 5 and 0 are probably used for talking which is not working on my intercom.