Getting Around the Battery Compartment

Hi there everyone,

I moved into a new flat with a security bar installed on the door and the space between the bar and the Nuki Locked is very limited. I wouldn’t be able to swap batteries → so first thought was getting a Nuki Battery with USB-C Charging but once installed, there is no way back on this one! :smiley:

I cannot get to the handle that releases the Nuki Lock from the door - any suggestions on this one? I already saw some people getting battery-dummies for a permanent installation, but that wouldn’t be any solution for me (no poweroutlets near the door.)

Btw: I am familiar with soldering, drilling, etc.

After finding out which poles to connect and how the wiring works → I am planning to add some more pictures here when I have everything setup :slight_smile: Using the idea of “getting rid of batteries” is the same as getting rid of batteries “inside the case” so I will pursue that and keep you updated on the result!


Florian why don’t you buy an extra battery holder from nuki, are very cheap. you can modify that one so just you need to reuse the original battery pack you will have a fully working replacement.

Hi Luigi,
reason for that is space - or better lack of space. I cannot / remove the batterypack while the lock ist hooked on the door (no space for the batterypack to slide down, same with the batteryholder).

And when I insert the batterypack before I install the lock → I will not get it off anymore, since I cannot press the spring inside to remove the lock from the doorholder.

Please correct me If I am wrong?

Drilling a hole in the battery compartment which allows you to actuate the yellow release lever with a small hex key while the compartment is inserted might work.

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That would be a solution for me - will report back in 2 weeks - I am on holidays now :wink:


As proposed by Jürgen:
I drilled a 5mm hole from the inside to outside and got the results I needed:

Since I have a littlebit of spacing between door and batterypack, I can live with this solution very well :slight_smile:

If you need more space have a look at this spot, since this is holding the backplate as well.
You may want to trim something off, if only confined space is available: