Get short term rental guests

I would like to use the API to manage access in my apartment. I have Nuki with Keypad.
I use Smoobu, which I have integrated with Nuki.
This is what I would like to achieve:

-Create a form where the user put the Surname used in their booking
-If the Surname is one of the allowed to checkin give the user the PIN code to access.

It is possible with the API to retrieve the guests name for short term rental?


Sounds interesting, also to avoid the subscription cost in the future for short term rental API. Maybe over MQTT and Home Assistant? I just discovered the change in policy by Nuki and would like to escape as well.

I didn’t know Nuki wanted ti charge for the API, my goal is to retrieve in some way the guests data for short rental…

Any admin could please help me with this?


we have a direct integration with Smoobu in our Nuki Web - Short Rental page. Bookings will be synchronized and authorizations will be sent out automatically.

Is this what you were looking for?


Hi @alex_hehenberger ,
no I’m trying to code my own check-in page for my guests.
So I would know if is there a way to retrieve this information trough the API

Hi @alex_hehenberger , can you please help me?


sorry for my late reply, I was on holiday the past two weeks.

If you want to create your own page then of course you can use our Web API. You can create a Keypad Code with the PUT /SmartlockAuth endpoint. We recommend to use Webhooks to get the automatic notifications when the Code is created on the Smart Lock. For this you have to apply for the Advanced API via Nuki Web.

I hope this helps in your project.


Hi @alex_hehenberger ,
Sorry I didn’t got it
If the code is generated by smoobu (short rentals),
How can I retrieve it?
I contacted smoobu and they told me is not possible with their API to get the code. It is possible with yours?


you can always retrieve all authorizations from a Smart Lock with the GET/smartlock/{smartlockId}/auth request.

Please check out the Swagger Tool for our Web API to see which requests we provide.


Hi, at the end I was able to retrieve the pin from the smoobu api, in the custom placeholders section, the system is working great