Get auto-unlock information from API

i would like to know, how do i detect if a unlock was initiated by an auto-unlocks and not manually (nuki web provides such information). I didn’t found a way in the latest API doc, but maybe there is? Or maybe match something with /log? Unfortunately there is no description of the log content.

Thanks in advance


The current difference is that Nuki Web has Admin-level access to the Smart Lock and the Bridge does not have, which means it does not get back data regarding the user triggering a lock-action and so can not detect an auto-unlock.

The /log command on the Bridge API is only a local command log of the Bridge for debugging use, not related to the activity log of the device.

We have an open feature request for including user data at the bridge callbacks, but as explained above this is no easy thing as it would change our current security standard to protect user data.

Thank you for your reply. I voted for the feature even if it is more than i need. To be more precise, i don‘t need the information which user triggered the interaction (i guess this are the privacy concerns), i want to know if that interaction was a auto unlock (regardless wich user).

so i hope the feature will be available soon.