Get an invite code with API call


I am currently integrating a solution for a client using the web API.

Thanks to this post, I’ve been able to understand the flow for new user creation.
I still have one question: is there a way to get the invite code?

Basically my client would like to send the invite link in a custom email template. That would also imply disabling the automatic invite sending. I am not working with the product yet so I cannot do any testing.

Thanks for your help,

Sorry for the late reply; I have been out of office and your questions seems to have been missed meanwhile:

The flow only allows a direct invite from us at the moment. You could solve this with a small hack:
Set the user e-mail to something on your domain and catch the invite code to forward it to the user in a format you like (link forward will still open a Nuki page).

Hope this helps.

No problem, thank you for your reply !

Do you plan on adding this feature to the API in the near future?

There are no concrete plans at the moment. Free to add a feature request and start collecting votes for it. We know that there is a usecaser to it but it always helps for ressource planning if we see how much support an idea gets here.