Get access to Smart Notifications


I wanted to ask if there is a way to access the triggering of the sending of smart notifications, e.g. via the Bluetooth API?

Here’s the context: I want to activate an LED spotlight as soon as I get close to my house.
So far, I have solved this via WLAN geofencing, but this works rather poorly.
However, I already receive the smart notification when I am still a long way from my house, so I think this would be ideal.
I didn’t find anything about this in the Developer Documentation.

Many thanks in advance!

Regards, ernschd

The Smart Notifications are generated locally by the iPhone App and are not reported to the Smart Lock itself. i.e. you can not use any of the Smart Lock events to trigger something in your Smart Home unless you let Auto-Unlock trigger a lock action (e.g. unlock) when you enter the geofence (which is doable via expert settings).

In this case you could use one of the APIs (Matter / HomeKit, MQTT, Bridge API) or integrations to trigger switching on your LED spotlight.