Geofence stop working after some period of time - nuki app stucked at home status

I ve noticed that nuki app keeps stuck in status at home despite of I am out of a geofence zone. Last Auto Unlock actions does not log exit of geofence. This makes autounlock feature unusable. Interesting thing is that when I open a map by taping to permanent notification/settings/show map it is showing my current location properly.

Sometimes helps enable debug mode and click to restart app, sometimes clear cache.
I ve tried to Delete Smart Lock from app, clear data and pair again but it helped only for a one day.

My setup is: Nuki smart lock 2 with bridge
phone: Pixel 2 XL (android pie - july security updates)
battery optimisation - disabled for nuki app
location services: enabled ( wifi scanning and bluetooth scanning also enabled)
permissions to nuki app - enabled location
version of app: 2.2.1 (same problem was occured also on 2.2 and also 2.1.x)

Maybe it can be related to this scenario:

  • my car is parked on the edge of geofence radius
  • when I am sitting in car before leaving to work app logs geofence exit and in a short time again geofence enter and generate smart notification about geofence entry
  • after I leave to work app stops search lock by bluetooth after 20 minutes and keep showing that I am within geofence zone
  • when I return to geofence after 8 hours it does not log geofence enter and autounlock feature does not work

My hypothesis is that when you a several times enter to geofence zone and exit geofence radius without autounlock action triggering, it breakes geofence status updating.

Did someone noticed same behavior?