Galaxy watch Support

Hopefully there will be a tizen app to open my front door when i go out for a run and leave my phone at home

Galaxy watch (tizen 4.0)


This was already requested several times over the last year (also from my side) - sadly Nuki is only focusing on Android and iOS :frowning:

So it’s time to wake them up ! :wink:

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That’s for sure :slight_smile:

The answer I received was “… we are not able to fulfil every customer request…”

Probably the Nuki team is not aware how many Nuki customers (and for sure, most of them are techies) are using Tizen devices as well…


The best thing to raise awareness is to create a feature request and vote for it.

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Done! Hopefully it works :wink:

Where can i place a vote request for the Galaxy watch support?

Look at feature request… you can find my topic there and vote :+1:

I want to buy it, I already have the rest of the devices, but if I can’t use the watch, it’s not worth it.