FW 2.4.5: (un)locking by turning the knob does not update HomeKit status

Since the latest Firmware update when I turn the knob on the Lock to lock or unlock, the Lock’s status does not get updated in HomeKit. Neither the Home.app or any other HomeKit app reflect the chaned state.

I have an Apple TV4K as a Hub aswell as two HomePods which are all up to date and I restarted them after updating the Lock’s Firmware.

Can anyone confirm this?

Does this happen for you only with manual locking or also when pressing the button?

So far I only noticed it with manual locking and unlocking. However, sometimes it works. Currently it does not: I locked manually and the Nuki app says locked. HomeKit says unlocked.

When I came home I unlocked via an HomeKit automation and locked manually.
The log says:
20:29 Manually locked
20:29 Manually opened door
20:28 HomeKit opened door

So it’s actually one „opened door“ Action too much.
The wrong status also shows on my wife’s iPhone and our iPad.

Mmh, then best contact our customer support via phone or contact@nuki.io for direct help to check all things step by step.