Force bridge to do a callback POST call


is there an API way to force the Bridge to send a callback with the latest state?

I’d like to do some kind of healthcheck for the Callback by forcing it and receive a callback POST request. (Possibly it contains a property that it was forced)

So I can check if the callback is still alive. If my triggered callback does not arrive, I can try healing or inform the user.



you can try to do an action that forces a Callback, like lock/unlock the door. But if you do that too frequently, the whole advantage of Callback goes away, doesn’t it?


I don’t think that my users are very happy if I hourly lock or unlock their doors for healthcheck :grin:

Why do you need to check that the callback is working? Did you see that it failed? I am using it frequently in a Smarthome system. I must admit I am not checking it frequently, but I have never seen that it stopped working.
I would rather consider that the whole lock runs in an issue, rather that the callback only fails. Lock operation could be checked remotely either automated or by opening the app.

In a network environment, the IP or hostname may change, or the Bridge may have problems with DNS resolution.
Or another integration deletes my callback.

I just want to avoid any surprises to the user.

If your IPs change or DNS resolution doesn’t work anymore, then the callback function is not the core issue.
If you want to check if the Nuki is still alive, you could send commands via the Nuki API and check the response.

Deleting the callback is only possible with the token - so it can’t be done so easy, can’t it?

But in anyway, the Nuki will still work locally via BT or the lock itself.