Fob error: led flashes seven times

Tried with two different Fobs , 1 meter away from a Nuki 2.0. Factory reset the fob, pair, etc. and they work fine together a few times. Then the Fob stops opening the lock anymore and the led blinks seven times. According to this support document seven flashes is “Other error”.

Can anybody at Nuki tell me what other error it might be? It happens with 2 different Fobs, with new batteries inside. Thanks.

Does locking via Fob work again if you restart the Smart Lock (remove batteries for a few seconds)?
If so, the issue might related to Keypad stops working after a few days - #8 by Cardo.

As mentioned for the Keypad in the above thread there is also a Fob beta available that is supposed to fix this. If you want to test it just send me a PM with the Nuki-ID of your Fob.

That’s exactly the case. A restart of the Smart Lock brings the Fob back to life temporarily.

PM sent, thanks!

I had the very same problem (7 flashes at the FOB) with my Smart Lock. Restart of the Smart Lock or reset of the FOB did not make any difference. However it worked fine with the FOB after a did a complete reset of the Smart Lock:
Take out batteries for >15 min. Make sure batteries are full or replace. Press button of the Smart Lock while inserting the battery pack. Keep it pressed until the upper LED element starts to light up. Remove the battery pack AGAIN and re-insert it immediately to restart the Smart Lock.
At least this was the procedure for a Nuki 3.0 (not sure it will work the very same way with your 2.0).