Fixed key-fob for elderly or less mobile/disabled people

Product name

New Nuki product (Nuki Unlocker)


Make it possible for elderly or less mobile/disabled people to remotely open de door from fixed places in the home. Connecting by the Bridge/Wifi or (bluetooth when in range).


Like the Opener does for apartments opening the door when someone rings rings the bell, elderly and less mobile/disabled people like to open the front door from fixed positions in the home (for example the living, bedroom, kitchen) without the need to walk to the door or using a smartphone.


Not all elderly or less mobile or disabled people have the use of a smartphone or the swiftness to reach the door in time if someone is at the door. Combining this new product with the existing door cam and installed Nuki/Bridge-combi would make it more easy for them to open the door remotely instead of going to the door it self to open it.

For now I had to re-engineer a key-fob placed in bluetooth range of the Nuki, replacing the button for a remote trigger and placing radio-controlled switches at fixed places in the homes. When they pressed one of the radio-controlled switches, a signal was send to the remote trigger simulating a key-press on the re-engineered key-fob. On door cam monitors, the open-signal was also linkt to a radio-controlled switch, so when they pressed the “Open” button on the monitor, the remote trigger was also activated to simulate a key-press on the re-engineered key-fob.
A better solution would be a product that was made for this task. For example in the format of the Nuki Opener or Bridge. With it’s own power supply (wall socket mount or battery opperated). Connecting to the wifi-network or paired with the Bridge. Containing 2 buttons (one to open the door and one to (emergency) lock the door). With a cable-connector (NPN) to connect it to a door cam monitor for opening (and locking if applicable by the monitor).
Ad average, 3 or 4 positions in a home would have these “Fixed key-fob”. The livingroom, the kitchen and the main bedroom and often the main hallway entry.


When a caretaker or someone else rings the door, the homeowner can press the button (after verify who is at the door) open the door remotely without the need to go to the door it self. They often don’t use a Ring app or Doorbird app but use fixed door cam monitors at fixed places.

Also in case of an emergency the home-owner can also unlock the door with the “Fixed key-fob” mounted at the main hallway entry, to get out quickly without the need to look for the phone or manualy opperate the Nuki lock. Elderly people or disabled people often find it hard to manualy opperate the Nuki lock or to quickly find the smart phone to use the app in case of stress.
With this “Fixed key-fob” (lets call it the Nuki Unlocker) those people would be more self dependent.

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