Fix Nuki Door opener limitations for intercoms that need to be on for the door opener to work

Product name

Nuki Opener


This is probably two features but I think they are related so that is why I’m puting them together.

In some intercoms the open door button feature is not available (just the ring to open). I understood it is the case when the intercom need to be on for the door to be opened, i.e. someone needs to ring first.

In the case of my intercom we could force it to be on by pressing the Camera button on the intercom (which after installing Nuki Opener is not working anymore and is a pain because I can’t open the door from the intercom unless someone rings).


  1. Get the Intercom camera button (or other) to still turn on the Intercom even when Nuki Opener is installed.
  2. Get Nuki Opener to replicate the behaviour of the Intercom Turn On so that “Open Door” button is supported… i.e. it would first force the Intercom to be on and then open the door.


It is a big limitation that we lose original intercom features when installing the Nuki Opener. Doesn’t make sense to lose the hability to open the door from the intercom.
Regarding the “Open Door” button is a basic feature… “Ring to Open” is a mitigation but is not the same and not as safe.


  1. If is very often that at night family and friends call us on the mobile phone to open the door so that they do not make noise ringing. If I can’t open door anymore via Intercom this can’t happen (and ring surpression is not stable with my intercom)
  2. In a short rentala apartment If I’m there and they call me saying that they are in the front door it is kind of non-sense to ask them to ring the door just for me to be able to open it
  3. In a short rental apartment If I’m not there I open the frontdoor remotely once guests arrive to the door because it is a security hazard to have the door opening to anyone that rings my intercom.


I think it would be very valuable for Nuki to have exact examples. What kind of video intercom do you have (brand, model).

Hopefully this is also working with bus intercom. I hope this will solve my problem of connecting my opener to my intercom which is not working at the moment.