Firmware 2.4.5 broke Lock 'n' go

Like in the title, after updating to 2.4.5 the lock and go funtion (pushing twice on the lock) won’t work anymore. The lock just uses the intelligent mode instead. Changing the settings did not help. Any way that I can fix this?



Did you try to double press faster/slower to see if this works? The update itself should not have changed anything regarding Lock and go - unless you updated from a quite old version, bc there have been some changes to double press recognition some time ago.

Hi Stephan,

Yes after further testing it happens to be the pressing speed. It looks like that after the update I have to push much slower, like push - wait a second push again. Before it worked by just pushing twice pretty fast. Why did you change this? At this point let the user choose the double press speed in the settings.

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As written above, the changes have been made in an older update - mainly based on feedback that the user experience was not consistent with SL 1.0 anymore. I agree that this can be a matter of taste though, and while I think it can have downsides to have Smart Locks behave differently on the same feature, feel free to add a feature request and start collecting votes for it. Let’s see if more developers here agree with your idea! :slight_smile: