Fibaro Integration

Integration into the Fibaro Home Center 2:

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Hi Stephan,
I have 2 smart lock 2.0 and Fibaro, I took 2 bridge, 1 bridge for each smart lock and so I have 2 different IP address and 2 different api.
So I create 2 different virtual devices, for the smart lock (called A with ip and its API) and the other one B (IP and with its different api)
When I use the use device A I can open and close the door by Fibaro but the device B not work because Fibaro advise me that the api is wrong. So I save the virtual device B without changement and it works and the A not work.
I save the virtual device A without changement and it works and the B not more
Resuming how I can use 2 smart lock with fibaro?! I bought 2 differents bridge to order can use 2 smart locks :frowning:
I’m waiting your help.
Yuri De Angelo

I am not sure why it does not work with 2 Smart Locks in parallel. Please contact the developer of the integration to check this.

I solved, I need change the variables so with 2 variables now 2 Smart locks work in parallel

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Hi, thanks for the link to Fibaro. I have integrated the Fibaro Virtual device in my Homecenter 2.
I did also generate a Token via Nuki Web Api and entered this token in the VD as needed.
When I debug I got an nil error message form the debugger. It seems the token does not work or something else with the VD which was described by some users before.

I am wondering there is no updated VD for Fibaro availabale and waht’s the right way to generate the token. Also my token is 80 characters, I am not true, if this is a hash toeken and to get to a plain token.

Thanks for any advice