Fermax F03430 DUOX


Has anyone managed to install the Nuki Opener with a Fermax F03430 DUOX?

I can only find threads in this forum about this model without any answer/solution, even dating back to 2020. Would be quite disappointing if Nuki has not managed to make the Opener work with this model since then.

Thanks, T.

Nuki Does not seem to be compatible with Fermax Duox Plus digital systems. Your wiring is like mine, although I have the 3450. The digital bus and the door bell. I found a work around that isn’t the best, but it is not using the Nuki opener. I knew that most all intercom systems like this has a programing feature to open the door when someone rings to your apartment. Fermax calls it “Doormatic” and it is common for doctors offices, at least in Europe… Although it was impossible to find in the programing manual how to set this feature in Duox Plus, I found it in the Fermax VDS manual. If you are interested, I can tell you how to do it or give you the link.