Fermax blue

Hi, i have a Fermax Blue model number 9449 ( VEO-XS WIFI 4,3" DUOX PLUS). This model had already wifi built in, and it works with its own app. However, the connection is very slop, and is not compatible with any home system (Alexa, Athom Homey, …).
It is not listed in the compatibility list, however is saw a post from nunorafonso @nunorafonso explaining he succeeded with a similar model 9445.

  • I see a video, but the pictures are not understandable to me

  • What about the installation wizard form the app?

As the new installed systems will be more and more digital, are there any plans to make it compatible?

Hi Philippe,

Do you need any additional help in how I’ve done?
Just solder those two wires to the blue related micro push button on the Fermax, like it show on the photo attached.

Best regards
Nuno Afonso