Fermax 8039 problems

Then the ring signal goes directly to your external bell, and you have to wire the “-” pol of the bell directly to the opener for ring recognition, - you need a cable with 2-wires what reaches from bell to opener, and three 2-pole-clamps (same as the one what comes with the opener) for this.

Rose I think we don’t understand each other. There’s a doorbell on the street, that’s the purpose of the opener installation. And there is no more doorbells. As said, when I configure the fermax on the last step, it gives me an error, but later on from the app I’m able to open it. The actual installation is:

  • 1 Fermax goes with blue of opener

  • 2 Fermax goes with orange of opener

  • 3 Fermax goes with black and purple of opener

  • 4 Fermax goes with green and yellow of opener - Here I tried several combinations, but none of them work, at least on the configuration part

  • 6 of Fermax goes with red of opener

Hope this helps.

No, I understood you right, but I think I haven’t explained it very well. When someone rings, the signal goes directly to the doorbell on the street and activates it, but the signal goes not to your intercom, so the opener has no signal what it would can detect.