Fermax 3390 3 port , Connection with Opener

Hello , i have Fermax 3390 , 3 cable connection . Tryed to connect opener unsuccessful so far , please see wiring picture attached
So far tryed two options
Brown cable from intercom out and put in to clamp , in the place of brown cable i inserted Green + Orange cables from opener .
In to second port of clamp i inserted Yellow + red
And Black cable from opener together with blue cable from intercom
Result : Intercom doesn’t ring , opener not working , but still can open the doors with the button on intercom .
Second attempt :
Blue Cable of intercom out to Clamp , in place of blue cable green + Orange
Second port of clamp inserted Yellow + red cables from opener
Black cable from Opener inserted together with brown cable in intercom
Results : Opener not working , Intercom not working as well , and outside where the main intercom is for all apartments unit started to beep , after disconnection the opener and reconnecting cables back to original intercom back working and beep downstairs disappeared

Any options more ?

Did you get it working ? Have the same problem