Fermax 3311 does not work

I am having problems with the installation of the Nuki Opener with my Fermax 3311 telephone, I have tried with the two connections that it gives to make and neither of them works, when I get to the step of opening the door, it never works.
Attached photograph of the wiring diagram.

Hi sergio I have one (he same one) of this and it is working but only the auto opening function. The process to engage the opener with the bridge was a nigthmare but at the end is working and this only function is ok for me.

Hello, I have tried to install my nuki opener following the instructions for Fermax 3311. I have two entrance doors, one outside the communal area and the other one on the floor staircase. Everything was going well until the opener asked me to press the button to open the door and he did not detect it. gets hung up. and I have gone outside and I did not open the door from the outside either. Bridge or something like that didn’t seem to detect it. Then I have updated the opener to the latest version but it still doesn’t work. Can someone help me how can I make it work? It has a solution? Since I see that there are many problems with Nuki and the Fermax !!!

hola Alberto, pudiste arreglarlo tengo la misma configuración que tú pero me es imposible. Un saludo

¿? Al final os funcióno??