Fermax 3220 and Nuki Opener compatibility


I am looking to buy Nuki Opener for my home but my monitor model (Fermax 3220) is not listed in the compatibility list. Anyone tried with this monitor model? Can I check if it is compatible in any way?

A pic:

And this is the link to the monitor manual:


Can anyone help?

I don’t want to buy the nuki opener without knowing it will work.


This model is using Fermax BUS2 system, only 2 wires. @Georg_S what do you think?

More info:

Someone from Nuki team? I can make betatester work if it can be compatible.

Someone? Black friday is coming and I would like to buy smart lock and opener (if it can be compatible)… :grin: :grin:

I have the same model. Any chance to get it working? I could help with testing too.