Feature Request : Smarter Notifications

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock Pro 3


Smart Notifications for “Door Open/Close” and “Door Locked/Unlocked” based on Geo-fencing of all users and schedule based on Time and Day


Currently the notifications for door open and door locked are sent even if the users are at home. I believe these notifications might be unnessary since we will be opening and closing the door several times when we are at home or during weekend. An option where user can select notifications to be sent only if all users have left the house would be great along with ability to set the notifications to be sent ONLY during a schedule. As an example : The notifications could be sent when we are in the office during day time and disabled when we arrive home etc. this coupled with geo-fencing would be very nice feature !


Battery Saving by avoiding sending redundant notifications, Happy Customer since he will not get every single Door Open close notificaiton even when he is at home (usefull particularly for people with kids as they run outisde and inside plenty of times in a day !)


  1. Enable Door Open/Close and Door Lock/Unlock notificaiton only if all users are out of house
  2. Enable above notifications based on schedule (day wise and time wise)
  3. Disable notifications during holidays
  4. Enable notificaions during vacation when we are out of town
    etc etc