Feature request smart lock and opener combined opening!

dear developers,
I need to combine the opener with my smart look.
in my office the opener is placed inside and open the entrance door outside, but I need to open the smart look together with the entrance door outside by pressing the button on the opener.
At the moment I can not combine booth. I need to push the button on the opener, then I have to go to the app and open the smart look.
it would be very helpful if I could open both by pressing the button on the opener only.
both devices are connected with the bridge.
combining booth would be a great solution for my use case!

thank you!

Currently this can only be done by adding external workflow through e.g. IFTTT (with probably a bit of delay).

But also feel free to add a feature request and start collecting votes for it.

Hi Stephan,

thank you for this workaround, it is very laggy.
It could be easy to create a inhouse solution because all devices are connected via bridge.
All clients uses one device only in the usecases of nuki, life could be easier when it would be possible to combine actions!
I Hope they can realize a inhouse solution, it would be interesting to combine other devices as well, open smart look with keypad, triggers opener relais to open garageā€¦ and so on


I am interested in this too and I must say: IFTTT is not really a solution for me as the actions run only within minutes or hours. This means if a condition is met the door will be opened at a random time (maybe 5 or maybe 60 minutes later but it did never open the door immediately).

So I will go and support the feature request.

Best regards

Hi Michael,
please give in the feature request category a vote for this request. This is important that the Nuki developers notice the request.
Today in the morning 6o clock the door was opened via IFTTT, the trigger was 24 Hours ago.

Best, Hendrik