Feature Request: MQTT Lock-Code

Product name

MQTT enabled Nuki Locks, I think only version 4


The lock.mqtt entity in Home Assistant supports the transmission of a lock code.
Would be nice to have an option to request this code via mqtt and unsless provided, it is not performing any (open/unlock) action.


A possibility to set a PIN for each Lock in Nuki-App or in App in MQTT settings.
Without this PIN, no lock/unlock/unlatch aktions will be carried out


adding a layer of security to MQTT enabled Lock in Home Assistant and other MQTT - apps to prevent accidentally lock operations.


  • prevention of accidentally made clicks on lock operations in Home Assistant and other MQTT apps
    – for example when you are not at home
  • Security so that you can be sure that no other addon/integration/script/automation/malicious software in Home Assistant and other MQTT apps can perform lock actions
  • Prevent 3rd parties who got access to (legal or illegally) your Home Assistant setup to perform lock actions
  • someone of your friends has access to Home assistant but you don’t want them to execute lock operations