Feature Request: Extension of time limited access configuration

Hello all,
as I did not find a similar topic in this forum, I describe my feature request as a user story:

As a house owner, I would like to limit the access to my house on a biweekly (or even monthly) level, so that access is only granted at the specific time necessary for the cleaning personal. At the moment I can only limit the access on a weekly level (eg every Friday, 08:00 - 12:00), which is not satisfactory for my need.

Thank you!

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The best solution for this would be an IFTTT action that allows you to enable or disable a users access permission (or a keypad code). With this you could connect e.g. a google calender with your Nuki Smart Lock through IFTTT and automatically activate and deactivate the cleaning personals permission before a calender entry starts and after it ends.

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Thank you Jürgen, in an MVP manner, this would solve the issue! I will definitely give it a try, whereas I’d prefer a “nuki only” solution :wink:

You can not try it, because the corresponding IFTTT actions don‘t exist yet…

Oh, could you please consider this for future development!