Farfisa Bus


I have a Farfisa Intercom. the model
is written nowhere but I managed to match it as the EX311; since it is not in the supported list, I tried to configure it as aGeneric BUS
It’s a BUS since only 2 wires are going to the intercom as follows:

I also found some info about the terminals:


My issue is that I cannot get the opener to detect the open signal (it times out) and the only time it did, it never detected the ringing tone.

Since it doesn’t look to be compatible using the Generic BUS I was thinking on wiring it as a generic analog.

Following the circuit, it seems that the button to open can replicated wiring the terminals 1 and 7 to the opener, but it’s not working.

Also, which wire is to be connected to terminal 6?(that gives a ring signal)



btw, I’m not looking for ring suppression.

could you please help me?

Greetings from Canada


here’s the circuit

front of circuit

and some tech data found here and there

oh, and here’s a basic diagram. image

@Georg_S I wired it today and got to open the door, but no ring detection.
since it is wired as a generic analog but the system is a bus, then maybe a solid DC signal is expected from the intercom’s pin #6 is there any preset configuration I could use?

Also, which of Opener’s wire is the one detecting the ring? I tried with green, then with orange and yellow together

@el_mule How did you wire it? Using generic wiring analogue ? I’ve got a farfisa Mylogic.