External power supply

Product name

Nuki Smartlock 2.0


Enable some kind of power supply form outside the door for extreme situations


Some way to supply power to the lock when one is locked up outside the house because of low battery level and cannot open the door. It could also be some extra flat battery only used for emergency open.


Why is this feature needed? Here is my story:
I went out to drop the garbage. Nobody is left in the house. On the way back the lock would not open the door (it turned out it was because low battery level).
I had not taken the phone with me (and it would not help, since the problem were the batteries).
I normally use the SmartLock keypad to enter, and manual click to exit, so I did not see the message about low battery level in the app.
There was no notification on my android phone about low battery level, only within the app.


How would you like to use this feature?
I think the scenario described above is pretty much explanatory.

buy a batterypack and connect it to the power 24/7 , and otherwise for this problem you can buy key safe for emergency falls like battery empty or something else , the lock sends enough notifications also the ring blinks if the battery is low . that must be enough rescue options or?

Actually, that’s how I unlocked the door. I had a reserve key stashed away with friends. But it took sometime.
And contrary to what you said, the lock did not send even one notification and I did not noticed it blinking, if it did, at all.

a better option will be that future devices makes a tone when battery is under 10% when doorsensorstatus change that would nice

Maybe with a thing like the wireless charging docks for Smartphones (induction)!? Should not be too hard, to build such a device and a battery pack what can loaded with induction!?

I‘m a software guy, so start making proposals easy integrate. First I suggest that the Nuki prevent locking below 10%. Also sending messages on or unusual click sounds to make the user aware something is wrong. A non locked door in normal cases can be opened with less effort. The space inside the Nuki is very limited for an emergency battery. Hard to do. What we can do is the contactless charging QI charge. An additional device like this. AliExpress QI Wireless charge . The cable could be made as thin that it fit beside the cylinder.

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Also would be good, when it where possible to set a own percentage, when a accu warning should appear, - I have a lock, what is hard to turn, and when the nuki reaches 50%, it is not able anymore, to do the second turn, but I get warnings not until the accu reaches 15-20%, and so I have to look myself, when I have to load the accu!

There is already a second threshold in place that basically does this.

But it is not certain to work 100% because of too many influence factors (different battery types, varying temperatures, lock retries…).

Hello! I have original nuki accu packs in my locks, and is there a possibility that i can set the accu alert to 50%? Because one of my locks is quite hard to turn, and nuki begin at 50% to not being able anymore, to nake the second turn! And what happens when the nuki cant make a second turn, because I don’t know it, because to now when it happened, I immediately have taken the lock off, and reloaded the accu?! Thanks!

No, you can not choose the threshold for the warning. Also accumulators do not degrade like Alkaline batteries do, so there should not be any difference in the strength of the Smart Lock until the accumulators are below ~20%.

Oh ok! - I was thinking this was the reason, because before a few weeks ago, I was besides the lock as it closed, and it turned one time but not the second time, and I have got a error message with error code, and as I looked what this error code means, I found the information that this can appear, when the lock gets not enough power for turning, and the accu was at 48% to that time!?