Expose the Nuki button as a stateless HomeKit button

Hi, as a suggestion and (mostly) simple implementation, could you let us use the Nuki button as a HomeKit stateless programmable accessory button? When active, the button would stop performing actions for the Nuki lock to make it easier to implement.

That would be a plus for some users — example: when I leave home press the button to activate the “out” scene.


I agree with you that it would be very nice. Even if the Nuki will perform as he perform today it would be nice if the button will be also available in Home Kit.

For example. Double press on the Nuki button will activate “lock and go” and HomeKit will turn off all the lights.

Thank you

Yes, I think you can actually have both behaviours at the same time. If you don’t want to use the nuki actions then you’d just disable it in the nuki settings. Seems reasonable.

If you have suggestions for features please add a feature request and start collecting votes for it.

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I made a „feature request“ out of this topic.

If you also interested in this feature. Vote for it, please. :blush:

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