Expose door sensor battery stare over bridge http api

Product name

Door Sensor


Please expose the door sensor battery stare over bridge http api.


Add a doorsensorBatteryCritical atttribute to the lastKnownState of the response of the /list endpoint, similar to keypadBatteryCritical.


This allows bridge http api clients to warn their users that the battery of the door sensor needs replacing.


In my Homebridge plugin, I would expose the door sensor as a separate accessory, to report the battery status. Similar to what I do for the keypad.

I’ve developed an app/drivers to integrate Nuki stuff to the Hubitat Elevation hub and theses improvements would be great!

doorsensorBatteryCritical can actually be retrieved using the web api /smartlock/xxx endpoint

doorsensorBatteryCritical should also be present in bridge http api callbacks

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Upgraded to the Smart Lock 4 with external door sensor. The /list endpoint shows doorsensorState and doorsensorStateName, but no doorsensorBatteryCritical. It does show keypadBatteryCritical, even though I don’t have a keypad.