Essential Feature! Nuki Keypad OTP

Product name

Nuki Keypad


One-Time-Password (PIN)


Enable entry codes to be one-time use only.


Friend or neighbor who doesn’t want to download an app and should get restricted one-time access only.


For example, a neighbor wants to pick up a parcel which was accepted by me and I don’t know when he will come and pick it up. An OTP would make a lot of sense here. I can leave the house and my neighbor can pick up his parcel with a one-time-passcode which I gave him.

+1. Good idea !

Or if you want to allow access to a delivery person to drop a package in your hallway.
Obviously, all this could also be done by remotely opening the door for him/her… :thinking:

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I think this is a good feature request!
For example use a OTP for emergency access, without any timeout, for lifetime.

i like the idea related to emergency acccess. this OTP could even trigger special notifications in app, so have awareness of usage of those codes

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