ERROR_UNKNOWN when requesting Keypad Code Count (0x0044)


I am trying to get the total nr of keypad codes (0x0044) registered in a v2 lock.
I send this command:

Plain data with CRC: : 91 5d 34 00 01 00 44 00 d4 28
But get an ERROR_UNKNOWN back.

I expected this to work the same as the Keyturner States (0x000C) command for which I send
Plain data with CRC: : 91 5d 34 00 01 00 0c 00 b1 ac
and does return correct data.

Is getting the keypad count implemented in a v2 lock? If not what value should I use for the “count” parameter in Request Keypad Codes (0x0043) command for getting all the codes?


Hi Jeroen,

Retrieving only the count is not implemented.
You need to send the 0x0043 command and pass an offset of 0 and a count > 0.
The first response you’ll get will be the keypad count command (0x0044) and afterwards you’ll get the number of keypad codes you’ve passed as count filtered by a Status COMPLETE.