Error of calibration - error 506/812/814

I am a new buyer of a nuki white edition.
The installation went smoothly, however calibration is impossible because I have an error message and the smartlock is activated only to open the door and then stops.
She keeps repeating that Bluetooth must be next door and I am.
I have multiples differents errors messages. (error 506, error 812, error 814). Most of the time i have the 506 error.
The battery pack is fully charged
I try several time but nothing work. What can I do ?
Thank you in advance.

Please contact our support via or They will have a detailed look at your problem.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

I had a similar problem with an error code 506 when I wanted to configure the bridge. I had contacted the support and they changed twice the bridge. They tried to solve the problem and unfortunately it didn’t works. Now, one year later, the bridge is in cupboard and I surrendered. Sorry, this message can’t help you but I wanted to share my own experience. I have not the possibility to connect the bridge to my network and for that I prefered the bridge that I used previously done by “The Keys” with an ethernet plug.

Thank you for your message. I m currently waiting a new email with some news because the previous tests didnt work. I hope it will works in a short time.