Error adding new code to keypad via Bluetooth API

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to add a code to my keypad and I don’t understand the Security-PIN field. The Bluetooth API specification indicates that Security-PIN is a 16-bits field. However, the security code for manage the keypad is a 6-digits number, so I can’t send it in the Security-PIN field.

I’ve tried send the Smartlock 4-digits pin but the response was 0x21 Error (bad pin). I’ve tried send the 6-digits code in 32-bits too, but I get 0xFE (bad length) error response in this case.

Any help with this issue?

Thank you.

Hi Daniel!

Keypad codes are stored at the Smart Lock, so to set one the Smart Lock (4-digits) pin is needed.
Be sure to use Little Endian format though.

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Hi Stephan!

Thank you so much! I wasn’t using Little Endian, now It works.

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