Entrotec EV+ (Apex/Elite Entrysystem)

Hey there,

I am trying to get the Opener to properly work with the Entrotec system that is installed in my building.
The Nuki compatability checker claims my EV+ handset should be compatible, however I can’t get door release to work at all. Everything has been wired according to the instructions provided in the app.

My Opener has since been updated to the current Beta (1.4.2), but it still doesn’t seem to work.

After setup the system seems to be able to detect doorbell ringng (I can see matching entries in the device log). I am at a loss to figure out how to proceed here.

Any help is appreciated. These systems seem to be quite popular in the UK.
As a side note, the system normally requires someone to ring first for me to be able to open the door with the handset, so I really only expect RTO to be supported.

This is my current wiring:

On their website Entrotec say door release (DR) will be triggered at “A negative going voltage level to trigger the system’s lock control circuit.”

EV+ Product Page
EV+ Installation Guide

Digged up Entrotec’s PIN descriptions:

  • DR Door Release. A negative going voltage level to trigger the system’s lock control circuit.
  • VT 12VDC supply to the handset for LED and call tone functions.
  • 0V 0VDC supply to the handset.
  • BZ Call tone input. Either AC or DC based tones are amplified and heard through the handset when on-hook.
  • S2 Microphone signal from handset. 2.5 volt circuit at 150 ohms.
  • S1 Signal to handset speaker. Rated at 32 Ohms at a ½ Watt.

This is their operation guide for answering a call. Could it be possible that the opening doesn’t work because the receiver isn’t technically off the hook? Would it make sense to connect the Mic and Speaker cables as well?

  1. When called, the telephone will give a distinctive pulsing tone for up to 25
    seconds and then stop. You have approx. 30 seconds to answer the call from
    the start of the call tone. If the call is not answered within the call period, then
    the system will reset to allow other visitors to make a call.
  2. To answer the call remove the handset from the cradle and speak to the caller.
    (You have approx. 2 minutes to speak to the caller and then the system will
  3. To let the caller gain access, press the lock release button and this will open
    the door for approximately 10 seconds.
  4. When you have completed the call, replace the handset to reset the system

Anything I can try here? Do the orange and red wires actually do anything for analog systems (which I presume this is)

@Georg_S any idea?

Hi Sebastian,
can the door opener be activated without lifting the handset or do you always have to lift it before you press the open button? Can you please carry out a test with the Opener connected, where you lift the handset before opening with the Opener.
Maybe this is a setting, that can be modified in the config of your intercom?
Best regards

No, the handset always has to be lifted. Being under lockdown and all I don’t have a second person to take the handset off the hook while I am down ringing the doorbell.

On an additional note, if the handset is off the hook before ringing the doorbell the downstairs panel will report the flat to be “busy”.

Given the connections to the system I can only imagine that the system looks at the voltage levels on the S1/S2 connections (Mic/Loudspeaker), which is why I was asking wether it would help to connect them to the Opener as well.

From what I can tell this behavior is very common in the UK, and part of their “secure by design” standard for intercoms.

Hey there, any update. Anything I can try. As I’ve said taking the handset off the hook seems mandatory. Is this something that can be solved by connecting the mic and loudspeaker cables?

Friendly ping (I got lots of time on my hands right now), would appreciate some guidance.

I have tried to manually press the open button after picking up the handset first. It did NOT work.
What can I do to investigate more?

I’ve obtained a portable oscilloscope, any values I can measure to help push this forward?

Hi, can you measure the voltage between DR and 0V when the door release is activated (after a doorbell ring!) and in idle state?


Where you able to solve this issue. I am also looking to purchase for the same system

Many thanks


I have the Entrotec ED3+ and the same issue whereby the “door open” button on the intercom does not work unless the receiver is unhooked. Despite my intercom model’s listing on Nuki’s compatibility sheet, Nuki has told me that the intercom has a limitation and that I would have to lift the receiver to get the Nuki Opener to work. Two questions on that which have gone unanswered:

  • What possible purpose would the Nuki Opener then serve?
  • Why is this model listed as compatible?

I’d be happy to swap out my intercom with a truly compatible model, so working with tech support to determine that.

Bumping this to check if there is any update.
Would it make sense to see if connecting S1/S2 (Mic and Speaker) of the handset to see if it helps?

I am starting to regret ever purchasing the Nuki Opener.

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I am also having trouble with this unfortunately :frowning:

It really shouldn’t be listed as compatible when it clearly isn’t.

I’d love to find a way to get this working, but will have to return otherwise

Logically, it certainly should be possible - potentially by pretending the phone has been picked up or something?

Hi. Did anyone get this to work?

No, this system should be marked as incompatible.

Additionally have been running into the issue where, when the Nuki Opener is connected, my system will occasionally report my handset as being off the hook. I am done with this.

Revisiting this thread as I have an Entrotec EV+ as well. Has the Nuki updated since then? Anyone here found success with this intercom?

Any success with this?