Enable NUKI to be used with Anti-Panic-locks in combination with door magnet

Product name

Nuki Smartlock in combination with door magnet


In cases where Nuki is installed with a lock with anti-panic-functionality, Nuki looses calibration whenever the door is opened by pressing the handle from the inside without turning the lock. The smartlock will think that the lock is still “locked” even though it is unlocked.

In case there is a doormagnet Nuki may easily know that it is not locked anymore. In terms of IFTTT be something like: If lockState is locked and doorState chages from door closed to door opened, then lockState is changed to unlocked.

After that, it would be possible to close and lock the Nuki again.


Nuki will either automatically recalibrate or at least automatically change lockStates to correct stat.


There are cases where a lock with anti-panic functionality is required and thus given. Also in these cases it may be useful to have a smartlock to open the door from the outside. Nuki will lose its calibration in these cases and will not function until it has manually been calibrated.