Enable keyboard "intelligent" mode to also open the door, not only unlock

Product name

keybaoard 2, keyboard 2 pro


Add the right “intelligent” function to the keyboard


The “intelligent” mode for the keyboard should be such, that when a code is entered , or a fingerprint is recognized, and the door is locked, the door will be opened.
At the moment it will only unlock the door.


Alternately locking and unlocking+opening a front door with a knob outside is a natural
scenario, and should be available.
At the moment, the only chance to open such a door with the keyboard is to select “Open door”.
But with this setting, it is obvioulsy not possible to lock the door by keyboard when leaving the house.


I prefer the keyboard fingerprint to lock and open the door to the lock’n’ go funktion.
so, when i leave the house, i want to use a fingerprint to lock the door, and when i come back, i want to use the fingerprint to open the door. (intelligent mode)
this is not possible at the moet, because a locked door only gets unlocked, not opened.