Enable/Disable code on keypad

Product name

Keypad (2.0)


Disable/Enable a specific keypad code.


Add a slider in the Nuki app which enables/disables an already setup code.


When there is a need to temporarily disable a code at all (e.g. vacation), deleting it completely is necessary. It will cost some time to set it up again afterwards. It would be also possible to limit the time frame to just one minute which is also bad, because you need to remember the correct time slot to set it up again afterwards. Just enabling/disabling a specific code would be much more convenient.


When a code should be temporarily disabled like for vaction when all residents are off.

This functionality already exists through the “Locking enabled” slider inside a code’s settings.

Ah, ok. Thanks @Juergen . But that’s a bit misleading, that this option has something to do with a completely enabled/disabled code.

It would be very nice, if there would be another field for entering a comment to remember to whom the specific code has been given or something like that.