Emergency mode (Ring-to-Open on) when server connection lost

Product name

For the NUKI Opener


When the Opener loses connection to the NUKI servers (because of internet down, power loss of bridge, NUKI servers unreachable, etc.), it shall switch to an Emergency mode (permanent Ring-to-Open) until internet is available again.


This should be an opt-in feature, meaning there needs to be an additional switch to activate/de-activate in setting for those users that want this emergency mode.


I have sh*tty internet service where I live. So sometimes internet connection is lost. Opener connects to Bridge, but Bridge cannot connect to NUKI servers anymore.
This connection is crucial to open door through the app when outside Bluetooth range, though.
Also, Opener cannot activate Ring-to-Open as it’s unaware, I returned back into geolocation.
Users that live in areas with sub-prime infrastructure or sub-prime internet providers may get locked out and have no option to get inside with NUKI.


Ok, internet connection drops while I’m outside with my doggo.
Opener realizes it cannot reach NUKI servers anymore.
Opener activates an “Emergency mode”, meaning permanent Ring-to-Open, a reliable fallback mode in case infrastructure fails.
I return home, ring the bell, Opener buzzes me in.

Other use case:
Connection fails, Opener activates Emergency mode.
Internet comes back up before I return, Emergency mode ist automatically ended and original settings are back up.