Email invitation to guest is loss

Hello, since the 21st the emails with the invitations to have not been arriving
I have the integration with smoobu, they send through the API the data necessary to create the invitations, they are created correctly (there are three devices on three different floors and all 3 fail) the configuration is so that the guests and I receive the email with the invitations, I receive it correctly but the guests do not receive it

I have the same problem…did you contact Nuki directly already and got a response? I have the same setup. Smoobu + Nuki. Configured is “Notification My and Guest” and I only get the mail but not the guest. This happens for booking but also direct bookings via Smoobu Page. It was working fine for years


Please contact the Nuki Support for a timely response and report the issues there.
You can refer here how to contact the support.

However, at a first glance, there were no code changes from our end that could have impacted this, hence, it would be worthwhile to also check with Smoobu if they made any changes.

The support ticket has been open for two weeks (424322) but it seems that there is not much rush with this, it just started on the 20th and I think the problem is that something has changed in how the email is sent to and it simply denies. Level 1 support is unbearable, the on and off response is the usual
I have 3 smart look an 1 oppener in this situation


Sorry for the inconvenience, I escalated this to the right POC and you should hear from them shortly.

We didn’t make any code changes recently and the integration with Smoobu works correctly. Since the issue is only for Smoobu + integration, can you please validate if the Smoobu integration works correctly for other OTAs or for bookings from Smoobu PMS.

If the guest email addresses are not forwarded to us via the Smoobu API, then there is very little we can do. Hence, I would advise you to report this to Smoobu support immediately, if not done already.

I have the same experience with your customer support. They are blocking and sometimes I think, they are thinking we are dumb persons or they just need to follow senseless protocols which were given by someone else.

In case you are interested, I am making an application that solves this problem and sends the text to smoobu and it now enters both Airbnb and and with the added advantage of a better and clearer message and the oppener and smartlook codes grouped together. by guest, which is a request for an improvement story to NUKI and still without a response.

The problem is with the invitation email that you send directly to the client, in the case of booking it is using an email alias, so it has nothing to do with the other platform since the invitations are created correctly and appear in NUKI Web

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the issue is still there. Is there any update?


We’ve noticed that this problem only impacts a few guests with email address alias where the emails are sent by our system but guests are not receiving the emails. This might mean guests aren’t getting their Nuki emails or they’re ending up in spam. However, hosts are getting their emails correctly.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please rest assured that we are actively working to resolve this matter but the solution appears to be beyond our immediate control. We request your patience while we discuss this issue with external parties.

As a workaround, we suggest hosts get the invitation email too. If guests don’t see the email, hosts can forward it to them. And if it’s in the spam folder, guests should mark it as “not spam.”

thanks for the update. I´m thinking more and more to cancel the paid subscription. With every 2nd booking, are problems with activating the codes. Now the email problem. Nuki support who is telling always to reset the Nuki or something which doesn´t help. I use this (expensive) paid subscription because of reason to save my time but it doesn´t work. It is no free service from you anymore for this rental stuff. So my expectation is, this must work or at least Nuki should offer some refund or something else which doesn´t happen. If I always have to configure myself, then I can also configure the Pins for my guest myself and send them manually also.

Hello, for my part the case is closed, I have carried out a small development that sends correctly formatted invitations to my clients, it seems that they have decided to use my account for tests and always bore me with the same questions. My account is PROFESSIONAL and cannot be used to perform any type of test, much less change any aspect of my configuration.
Their software is full of bugs and problems and what is worse, recurring errors that are never solved.
Today we have:
1.- the problem of errors in invitations.
2.- Nuki web still has clients and permissions that have already been deleted from the devices, so manual deletion gives an error.
3.- NUKI 4 pro locks have a very unstable WI-FI connection, in case of disconnection the only solution is a manual reset on the lock (physically accessing)
4.- The Wi-Fi connection consumes the batteries excessively (1 week or less)
5.- Both the application and nukiweb have regular connection interruptions, in my case 4 devices, three apps and a web connection. Customers also complain that devices are offline, it is not our problem, the problem is with their services, software or infrastructure.

Look, I don’t have many apartments, I bet heavily on NUKI in 2018, and since then hundreds of people have visited my business, the truth is they are not having a good experience and it is possible that they will become people reluctant to adopt their technology.

Don’t think that I am a pariah user, I have more than 40 years of experience in software development and of these almost 30 in web development.

By the way, the case opened around February 22 and as of March 13, there is still no end to the main problem.


We have a solution for the invitation email issue to guests, and it will be fixed at the earliest, latest by tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

2.- Nuki web still has clients and permissions that have already been deleted from the devices, so manual deletion gives an error.

Regarding this issue…
I just setup our 2nd nuki 3.0 over the weekend and came across this very issue!
I’ve raised a support ticket and also spoke to online chat/support. However no help and now waiting on internal team to feedback?
This is a fundamental issue. I initially setup the user and access via nuki web ie invite via email. All worked fine. However I then delete user/access via the Nuki App (as a valid approach that you would expect). This meant the user no longer has access as expected. However the nuki web still reflects the deleted user? (A rogue user account). When I request to delete the user via nuki web I get an authorization failed error hence unable to remove this user?

May I ask if you got any resolution to this?


This is a different issue, and not related to the one explained in this post.
I request you to contact the Customer Support for resolving this issue.
At a first glance, I could say that the syncing between the App & Web users hasn’t gone correctly, which means, you can “update” the Smart Lock to forcefully sync it, and also ensure the smart locks are online and reachable.

I’ve already tried the forced sync of the smart lock in question. Unfortunately this makes no difference and the issue still remains i.e. rogue user still shows and i’m unable to delete it. This relates to the same symptoms as what other folk are experiencing where guests are removed from the Nuki App but still remain in Nuki Web and no ability to remove them.

A Customer Support ticket has been raised and have also spoken to a online rep but without any resolution still.

Hence, I thought it would be worthwhile reaching out to the masses on this forum to determine if others have experienced the same and what resolution they have on the issue?

The issue is improving, before the emails were not generated, now the invitations are not even generated and it is necessary to use the update button on the connected devices page.

As if that were not enough, its supposedly preferential support service does not provide any solution, neither for these issues nor for any other.

I’m sorry but it has not been solved, after the patch the solution is worse, now the invitations are not generated, it is a random error that makes us constantly pay attention at the time of year with the most business.

I don’t know what problem they have but this is starting to get serious.

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This is not true - we fixed the bug a month ago and it was communicated through our customer support channel to all the open tickets. It was also updated here. As I understand, our customer support communicated this to you for the tickets that you raised. Could you please DM me with the ticket number so that we can look into it?

I would like to reiterate again to use our Customer Support channel for reporting issues. The key purpose of the Developer forum is to respond to developer queries. If you’ve already contacted our Support and not received a response yet, please DM the ticket number. Thanks.

Since they closed the ticket and the problem was supposedly solved, what happens is that the creation of the invitations fails randomly and you have to refresh it by hand for it to appear, it’s even worse than it was, the ticket was not closed or at least I don’t have an email with the closure, I keep sending the incidents to the same ticket.
Furthermore, I opened it three days ago and I have no response because the expired invitations are not deleted either, this is also random, in an invitation for 6 guests five are deleted and one remains, these amounts are random.
Obviously, if I have to depend on your technical service, several guests would have already slept on the street. As you understand, it is intolerable that you charge for a PRO service, regardless of whether the amount is ridiculous, but your attention is slow or non-existent. I remind you that the first part They only started to address the problem after I complained in this forum and with more than a month of delay, their hardware is of very high quality but both the support and the quality of NukiWeb from 4 years ago to today have dropped to levels that You can’t have a serious company.

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