Elvox ART 900 - 902 compatibility

Dear Nuki! Dear crowd

You know if the Elvox Art 900 - 902 is compatible with the Nuki Opener? The compatibility check says that it might be compatible. Due to the insolvency of NELLO i would love to get a new way to open my house door via my doorbell as i used to do with Nello ONe

Hope you got good news for me

Einfach wie die 6200 anschlieĂźen.

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Hab es geschafft mit deiner Anleitung vielen vielen lieben Dank

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Thank you for the feedback, Elvox Art 900 - 902 is now listed as compatible!
Best Regards

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Kann mir bitte da vielleicht jemand helfen?

beim Einrichten soll ich Anschluss 6 verwenden - ist bei meiner Installation nicht belegt…


Dear guys,

I want to buy the opener but I have a Elvox 6300 not listed. I see that the 6200 is compatible and I check the Elvox installation schema by Vimar and I see that the connection are truly similar. I don’t have the opener yet, and I can’t see the installation process and connection from the @app without the opener.
Is possible to have the connection’s schema of the Elvox 6200? With this method I will try to valuate the compatibility.
Thanks for the help.


I have installed Nuki opener on elvox 900-902 which works. The only issue that I am having is that the bell supression doesn’t give me the required behaviour:

I have 2 entry panels at the building entrance (2 doors in series). When Ring-to-open is activated, the first door opens when the first bell is pressed, second door opens when second bell is pressed. However this does not work any more when the ring is suppressed. Only the last door that actually has ringed opens, whichever bell is pressed. It feels like the module that opens the doors does not switch doors if the bell doesn’t ring. Anyone else has the same issue? Possibly I could fix this with an additional resistor to ground with wire coming from the bellbutton in order to make contact eith ground when bell is pressed so that doors can be switched. Alternative, can this be fixed in the nuki opener firmware?

Believe I have setup below. Wire 6 needs to be connected with 3 when ringing to switch to the other door.

Hi, had you find a solution? I’m in your same situation (pic attached)

Hi, i have an ELVOX ART 900-902 intercom. After verified the compatibility with the opener on the official website, i buyed it. Now, i tried to install it, but the physical situation of my intercom is different from the image on the guide. Result: following on of the installation guide, it works only for 1 door and only if I open it from my phone (i have a bridge too).
What doesn’t work:

  1. i’m not able to open the second door (the one of the buiding, the first is on the backyard on the street);
  2. it doesn’t work work in “ring to open” mode, but only if I open it from my phone.

I attach the pic of my intercom.
Thanks for help