Elvox ART 900 - 902 compatibility

Dear Nuki! Dear crowd

You know if the Elvox Art 900 - 902 is compatible with the Nuki Opener? The compatibility check says that it might be compatible. Due to the insolvency of NELLO i would love to get a new way to open my house door via my doorbell as i used to do with Nello ONe

Hope you got good news for me

Einfach wie die 6200 anschließen.

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Hab es geschafft mit deiner Anleitung vielen vielen lieben Dank

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Thank you for the feedback, Elvox Art 900 - 902 is now listed as compatible!
Best Regards

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Kann mir bitte da vielleicht jemand helfen?

beim Einrichten soll ich Anschluss 6 verwenden - ist bei meiner Installation nicht belegt…


Dear guys,

I want to buy the opener but I have a Elvox 6300 not listed. I see that the 6200 is compatible and I check the Elvox installation schema by Vimar and I see that the connection are truly similar. I don’t have the opener yet, and I can’t see the installation process and connection from the @app without the opener.
Is possible to have the connection’s schema of the Elvox 6200? With this method I will try to valuate the compatibility.
Thanks for the help.