Elvox 887B opener installation

Hello everyone, I had an issue connecting Nuki to Elvox 887B, is there anyone who did that?

Hello Vitali, did you manage to install the opener on the 887B? Many thanks!

Hello, does anyone know how to connect Elvox 887B?? Please… Thanks!!

Unfortunately not, didn’t manage to do that

Hi brother i found the solution and i will post it here later, but requires some welding experience (just to weld 2 wires)

So here is my custom solution, that provide only this function: Ring To Bell. So the end result of this solution will be that the user must first ring the bell and then from the app press the opener button.

The solution i adopted is simple but i will try to explain all the logic behind it.

Knowing that Nuki opener can work with both intercom and any door (but with less functionality)

I thought that we can set the opener to use the any door functionality and connect the 2 wires (blue for positive open door signal and purple for the ground) to the extremity of the metals that activate the pressing button.

So our goal is to simulate through the nuki signal the pressing of the button from intercom.

So we need to weld the purple wire(ground) to the upper metal (only the metal):

Behind the metal there is a black knob to that knob we have to weld the blue wire:

It’s important to not let the piece of metal and the black knob behind have any direct contact with each other, otherwise is like keeping the opener button pressed.
In this case when we use the Nuki Opener the signal sent from it will close the circuit and let electricity pass trough the metal and the knob (like pressing manually the button).

When we close the intercom is possible that the original black button to open downstairs door will not move due to space been occupied inside the intercom box. No problem! We can still open the door from inside pressing the Nuki Opener White Button!

end result: