Elvox 8877 compatibility

Hello Nuki Team and Community,

Is there anybody who connect with success the Elvox 8877 to the Nuki Opener ? Or a similar intercom ?
As shown bellow, there is only 2 wires to connect the intercom to the building system. Am I in front of Bus technology intercom instead of Analog one ?

All help is welcome before I jump in, and buy Nuki equipment. :wink:

Thanks !

No more news ? It seems that the 8879 from Elvox has more or less the same situation.

Hi Thibaud,
I have the same problem with this model. The return from Nuki support was 1 year ago:

you would only have to connect the “red” and the “black” wires of the Opener parallel to the blue and the white wires of the system.
And then you have to choose the “Generic Bus (Generic)” profile - this could work (but as stated before: unfortunately we can not guarantee).

I have given the technical data sheet of this intercom, but in last september they was not able to confirm when and if this intercom will be supported in the future. This intercom is digital, it could be difficult to reverse-engineer the protocol :man_shrugging:


Is there anybody who connect with success the Elvox 8877 to the Nuki Opener ?


Hi Thibaud,

Have you tried ? Did it work for you ?

Successfully connected Nuki opener with Evlox 8877 intercom by connecting the blue wire from opener with red intercome wire and placed these in port 3, purple wire from the opener with white intercome wire placed in 1. See image below. Hope this helps someone in the future :slight_smile: if you have something to add please do. This took us two hours…

Hi. Did you manage also ring 2 open? I got stuck :disappointed: